Welcome to the blog of Michael J. Teske.  First a little about myself and what you may find here:


I currently am pursuing my passion for education as a Pluralsight author after spending almost 17 years as an IT instructor for a 2-year community college. I am now 100% work from home and will document my successes and obstacles. I still work with a few clients 20180628_131334from those days on as an independent consultant. You can follow me @teskemj where I will post some random food pics, @azure related goodness as well as all things WI sports.


  • Advice on how to live as a lifelong learner
  • Tips on how to focus on the task at hand
  • Ideas on how to be more productive working from home.
  • Cool things I’m playing within my current role(s)
  • More than likely some random stuff.

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