Welcome to the blog of Michael J. Teske.  First a little about myself and what you may find here:

I’m a lifelong technology enthusiast. I have spent the majority of my career as an educator in an IT program at a vocational college. Prior to falling into the education world, I was a senior consultant for a top 15 accounting firm consulting focusing on the SMB sector. I still work with a few clients from those days on as an independent consultant.

  • Most things I encounter living in the land of education and technology, not necessarily in that order. My focus is in the infrastructure space primarily Microsoft Server and PowerShell. I am not new to PowerShell but am by no means an expert, therefore I teach it. LOL. I am working on some teaching material that I may share here for feedback.
  • I have an MBA in Computer Information Security. This simply means I have a broad/high level approach to INFOSEC. I do have some hands on experience and training in that space but not enough to suggest I would charge people $$ for my services.
  • I am a tech-gadget junky which means I spend a crazy amount of $$ on technology gadgets.



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