So I’m a “Security” Guy Now

This will be needed 🙂

Due to a recent departure at our college, I have become the defacto “security guy”. Meaning I have to fill shoes and teach our security course (and take media requests). I have made my hay (Wisconsin term) primarily in Microsoft Infrastructure, both in the private sector as well as a technical college instructor. I have been a “security” (why do I continue to put quotes around “security”…damn…did it again. When someone does air quotes, it typically means its fictitious…is it?) observer (?), fan, Evangelist for years, played around and spent a lot of professional development in webinars and courses. Ok, I digress. That seems to be the perception in some spaces, not that it’s fictitious, but it’s a necessary evil. I believe with every cell in my body that security is part of the I.T. triad (my triad is pretty simple…Availability, Transparency, Availability) . It may not be explicitly in yours, but in every part of your process, security has to be in the conversation.

So, I love challenges and love leveling up on things I’m passionate about. This will be one of them and I hope I’m up to the task. I promise my students will learn something and have fun along the way. Wish me luck.


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