Take a Shower…or whatever

It’s starting to become hip (and awesome) to work from home. I have been an independent consultant for 20+ years as well as an IT instructor. I have summers off from teaching, spring breaks, and Christmas breaks as a teacher. I do most of my curriculum development, remote support from home. This short post is a reminder for those who work from home or are thinking of it to get yourself in your best work mode.

Everyone has a religious routine in the morning which activates their “work mode”. It could be coffee (YES!!!), reviewing your to-do, having a brain-healthy breakfast or maybe it’s just taking a shower. Most likely it’s a combination of these. Regardless of what gets you activated, you need to know WHAT GETS YOU ACTIVATED. For me, I’ve discovered coffee and a shower are critical for my mind to be truly going. My a.m. routine includes getting the boys off to school, while drinking my first cup-O-Joe, taking Josie (my dog) for a walk and then assembling my BulletProof coffee for the remainder of the day.  There are workout days sprinkled in as well.  I am not truly activated until I take my shower though. These are small tasks that are accomplishments that build that drive to finish with a win.

My point is, as it is in my Learning post, is finding your routine and stick with what makes you a better you. Each task you complete is a WIN! The more WINS we can stack early in our routine, the more focus and drive we will have. Admiral McRaven preached this process by starting out with “making your bed“. So kick your day off the best way for the best you. Take a shower or make your bed! But, seriously, take a shower. 😉


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