Pre-Post PowerShell Summit Post-Tips/Tricks

Hi folks,

I wanted to get some quick things out before I submit my Summit write up. I’m going distill my takeaways from the sessions I attended and overall experience. But first, I wanted to throw a few quick snippets of some tips and tricks.

Ctrl + R (or S)

This was great tidbit from Adam Murray (@muzzar78) as he was discussing VSTS and gave a great demo on the pipeline. This key combo is a great way to search for keywords within commands throughout your command history…not just session history.  Many of you may say controlR“Duh Teske”…well, a significant handful of people I spoke with were not aware of this functionality and if this helps anyone then I’m glad I shared this. I can totally see utilizing this in my demos because “live” typing in demos is a PITA.

Simply type Ctrl+R, type in your key word(s) of the command and viola…

More to come!



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